Rico Gado Nutrition

Founded more than forty years ago, Rico Gado is now a leading brand in Portuguese livestock feed production sector. The quality and innovation of its products, from the complete feeds, natural mixtures and cereals, have consolidated Rico Gado’s presence through the years in the Portuguese livestock market.

Having started its production operations at the Yola factory in the beginning of 2015, Rico Gado Nutrition Nigeria constitutes a very strong bet of Rico Gado brand on the Nigerian livestock market.

Built to cover Northern Nigerian territory, it is part of our social compromise to work closely not only with Nigerian livestock producers but also with local raw material producers, boosting all agriculture value chain, from the farm to the consumer´s plate.

Using our extended know-how acquired over the years, Rico Gado Nutrition Nigeria formulas were adapted to Nigeria Market not only considering local raw materials specifications but also Nigerian producers critical necessities. Consequently, Rico Gado Nutrition Nigeria offers its clients the best quality feeds available at the most cost effective price.

To develop Rico Gado Nutrition Nigeria products, we count on our high skilled team of technicians and veterinaries, supported by Rico Gado Portugal technical department, that work every day aiming to deliver our clients the best solutions.